A Heartfelt Session with the Norris Family: Capturing Memories and Serendipity

Jun 13, 2024

Life has a beautiful way of bringing people together, sometimes in the most unexpected ways. My recent photography session with the Norris family was a poignant reminder of this truth. Held near their family home at their daughter’s place, this session was more than just capturing moments—it was about preserving precious memories that will be cherished forever.

Laughter and Love

The session was filled with joy and laughter, thanks to Rose, the matriarch of the family. Rose is a riot—she kept me on my toes and laughing throughout the session. Her vibrant personality shone through every shot. She’s definitely someone I’d love to grab a drink with!

Tony, the father, is bravely battling cancer, making this session incredibly significant. It was the first and, unfortunately, the last time he would have a photo with all his children, their partners, and his grandchildren. The gravity of this moment was not lost on any of us, and the family’s resilience and love were palpable.

Cherished Moments

One of the most touching parts of the session was capturing the entire family together. Despite the hustle of last-minute birthday preparations for Tony, including frosting the cake, the Norris family powered through with grace and smiles. The resulting photographs are stunning, filled with genuine emotion and togetherness.

A Connection Revisited

After the shoot was over, I discovered an incredible connection: my mom had been best friends with the Norris family’s oldest daughter growing up. This serendipitous revelation made the session even more special in retrospect. Living in Beverly, the smallest village in Chicago, we often experience the magic of “everyone knows everyone.” But the odds of moving back, being chosen as their photographer, and my mom connecting the dots of our shared past—it felt like fate.

A Walk Down Memory Lane Longwood Drive

I’ve included some special photos of my mom and the oldest Norris daughter walking in our local Memorial Day parade when they were young girls. These images have layers of history and nostalgia, folded to connect past and present. They highlight the deep, enduring connections that make the relationships we keep even more meaningful.


This session was a profound reminder of the power of photography to capture and preserve fleeting moments. It also highlighted the beauty of life’s unexpected connections. I am incredibly grateful to the Norris family for allowing me to be part of such an intimate and significant occasion.

In Beverly, where everyone seems to know everyone, this experience reaffirmed the magic of community and the ties that bind us. Here’s to the Norris family—may these photos serve as a timeless tribute to their love, strength, and the serendipity that brought us together.



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