adventure with me

I know these so-called players wouldn't tell you this
But I'ma be real and say what's on my heart
Let's take this chance and make this love feel relevant

jagged edge


what is an elopement?
what is not an elopement?
what can your elopement be

Elopements allow for a highly personalized experience, as you have the freedom to choose unique settings, vows, and traditions that hold special meaning to you.

Elopements are known for their simplicity and reduced stress compared to traditional weddings. Couples can focus on the love they share without the pressure of a large event.

Many couples opt for elopements as a way to combine their wedding with a sense of adventure, choosing picturesque or meaningful locations like mountains, beaches, or cityscapes.

Elopements are not limited to young couples; people of all ages choose elopement for various reasons, including second marriages or renewing vows in a more intimate setting.

walk the trail to forever

travel on foot to where love climbs higher and the journey begins!

seek to unveil the unseen beauty of your love story against the breathtaking backdrop of nature

Embarking on a journey of love is an adventure in itself, and what better way to commemorate this thrilling chapter than with adventure elopement photography? Ditch the conventional and immerse yourselves in nature's grandeur, capturing the raw, unfiltered moments that define your unique love story.


is out there

choosing your location allows you to choose your backdrop. the setting of years and years of your story.

photography thrives on spontaneity and motion. Candid shots of laughter echoing through the mountains, stolen kisses under a waterfall, or the shared silence of a sunset hike—all these moments become timeless treasures, frozen in time.

Adventure Seeker Hiking Elopement Package

  • Full-day coverage capturing the entire adventure
  • Multiple locations within the hiking trail or surrounding area
  • Pre-wedding consultation and planning
  • Location scouting and permit assistance
  • Sneak peek images within 48 hours
  • Online gallery of edited high-resolution images
  • Customized adventure elopement planning guide

Most popular

Luxury Mountain Elopement Experience

  • multi-day coverage with an additional day for an engagement-style session
  • Assistance with location selection and logistics
  • Drone photography for stunning aerial shots
  • Handcrafted leather-bound photo album
  • Fine art prints of select images
  • Expedited image delivery within 2 weeks
  • Customized adventure elopement planning and styling

Best Value

city hall


starting at $1000

a timeless and elegant backdrop

a warm and close-knit atmosphere

time efficient & streamlined

a ceremony that is all you

Perfect for someone on a time crunch

City hall elopements offer a host of benefits for couples seeking a simple and intimate wedding experience. Their streamlined process makes them time-efficient and budget-friendly, with fewer expenses compared to larger ceremonies. The intimate setting provides privacy, allowing couples to focus on each other and the significance of their commitment. City hall elopements also offer flexibility in scheduling and permit acquisition, making the entire experience convenient. With the freedom to dress as desired, couples can personalize their ceremony, prioritizing simplicity, efficiency, and a meaningful connection.

come say hi

fully customizable photo book to last for generations to come

coffee table book

add on's

as many shapes and sizes to have and to hold until you're cold
or whatever they say...

prints of all shapes

"You captured everything I wanted photographed without direction from me. You came prepared and maintained professionalism. You even had props to distract the kids that were being fussy for pictures. The entire process of booking with you was simple, didn't require me to talk to you at all, and you showed up and delivered!"


"Kirsten is not only an incredible photographer, but she is just a lot of fun to work with. If you have kids in your group, she does well with directing them to poses- giving fun suggestions so that the final results will show a true authenticity of who you child is. Everyone’s individual personalities will show through the photos."


"The entire experience was amazing! Easy to book, quick response time, even quicker turn around time getting photos back! Kirsten was great with our little guy & dog! Would go back to her in a heartbeat!"


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