A Guide to Unique High School Senior Portraits Around Chicago

May 1, 2024

Hey there, soon-to-be grads! You’re about to close a major chapter of your life, and we know you want to wrap it up in style. So why settle for the same old senior photos? At Cooper’s Mill Photography, we believe your senior pictures should scream “you,” in the most awesomely weird way possible. Follow along to get some senior portrait ideas!

Find Your Vibe

Alright, think about what makes you, well, you! Are you a bookworm, a gamer, a makeup mastermind, or something completely different? Let’s use that! We can incorporate any element of your personality into the shoot. Picture this: you, your favorite fantasy novel, in the middle of the Dan Ryan Woods—a mystical forest vibe, anyone?

Senior Portrait Ideas

Choose a Location That Tells Your Story

Moreover, while we love a good studio session, there’s something magical about a location that means something to you. Whether it’s the tranquil paths of Wolfe Wildlife Park, the vibrant backdrops of Chinatown, or even your favorite Taco Bell where you’ve celebrated many a late-night snack victory—choose a place that resonates with your spirit. Furthermore, this not only adds a layer of meaning to your photos, but it also relaxes you, making your true self shine through. After all, nothing says ‘memorable’ quite like striking a pose with a taco in hand!

The Urban Edge: Additionally, Chicago is more than just a city; it’s a backdrop of endless possibilities. From the graffiti-laden walls of Logan Square to the bustling corners of The Loop, every corner tells a story. And guess what? Your senior photos should tell a story too—yours.

Location Highlights:

  • The Loop: With its towering skyscrapers and street art, The Loop is perfect for a dynamic, cosmopolitan vibe.
  • Logan Square: Ideal for those who want a touch of artistic flair, the murals here add a splash of color and personality to any photo and are a great idea for Chicago senior portraits!
  • Montrose Harbor: Not quite the concrete jungle, Montrose Harbor offers a blend of natural beauty and urban charm, perfect for those looking for a softer yet still edgy background.

Props? Yes, Please!

Similarly, bring along something that represents your hobbies or passions. That could be anything from your skateboard to your paintbrush set, or even your pet iguana! Props are not just accessories; they’re extensions of your personality and add a fun twist to your photos.

What to Wear? Anything Goes!

Consequently, forget what you’ve heard about “perfect outfits.” Wear something that feels good. Love that glittery jacket? Rock it! Wild about those vintage boots? Bring them on. It’s all about what makes you feel confident and comfortable. Remember, these photos are about capturing your essence.

Senior Portrait Ideas

Celebrate Your Next Chapter

As you close one significant chapter and gear up for the next, why not celebrate your future as well? Including elements from the college you’ll be attending can add an exciting layer to your senior photos. Wear a hoodie, wave a flag, or showcase some cool swag from your chosen college. This not only personalizes your session but also lets you flaunt your school spirit proudly. It’s a great way to commemorate the transition from high school to college, capturing the anticipation and pride of your academic journey ahead. Whether you’re headed to a large university or a small college, let’s make it a part of your story!

Let’s Get Weird Together

Lastly, at Cooper’s Mill Photography, we’re all about embracing the quirky, the unique, and the wonderfully weird. Don’t hold back—this is your time to shine in your own unparalleled way. We’re here to capture the real you, in all your glorious eccentricity.

Ready to create some unforgettable senior photos? Let’s make it happen! Reach out today, and let’s start planning the coolest photo session you’ve ever imagined.



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